I'm looking for alternative seating options for my classroom. Examples include: Big Joe bean bag chairs, bunji chairs, wobbly seat cushions. Thanks in advance.
My Son and I moved down here from Colorado and I had to leave whatever would not fit in my car. I am in need of all furinture items. If you have anything that could help us I would be very thankful.
Looking for free wood, pallets, plywood, bricks, pavers and other materials for playhouse and backyard living.
yesterdayFt Worth, TX+22 milesItems Wanted
Adjustable bed, are you out there? I have been looking at advertisements for you. I have been looking online for you. You are too expensive! I think that it is because of your fully adjustable head and foot lifts, and remote control. If you in someone's house, please have them contact me? With Appreciation, Hopeful
yesterdayCarrollton, TX+13 milesItems Wanted
moved recently,looking for hangers, step stool, kids study table,fabric for sewing clothes, cast iron skillets,pans etc in usable condition. thank you
yesterdayFt Worth, TX+22 milesItems Wanted
I recently lost my job, and im currently 27weeks pregnant. I only have a carseat so far for the baby. If anyone could help me out with a crib or play pen,bedding, clothes, toys, and whatever else i would greatly appreciate it. Not 100% on gender yet..but pretty sure its a girl.
yesterdayFt Worth, TX+22 milesItems Wanted
I am disabled and have been fighting getting a wheelchair for a LONG time. I went to a festival with my family yesterday & it totally wrecked me! We have two boys and it was our first time because I am usually in the hospital during Peach Fest. I ended up having to get a cart ride to our car. I told my husband I think it might be time that we get a wheelchair of our own. I always use the one pr...
last weekFrisco, TX+23 milesItems Wanted
Do you have a cage for a medium sized bird like a Sun Conure, Indian Ringneck, or Alexdrine which you don't use or need anymore and are willing to part with? I don't care if it doesn't have all the accessories like bowls or feeding, toys, cage stand, etc.,If it does.. GREAT, if not, no big deal. Also if its not in perfect shape or clean that's OK too. I just need the cage so that I can get set ...
last weekFrisco, TX+23 milesItems Wanted
My daughter is getting her first college apartment and needs kitchen items like silverware, cups, plates etc. Also organizing items, broom etc
last weekIrving, TX+12 milesItems Wanted
Need a box to mail items,need a box with these measurements 22 X 12 X 18. Thank you very much.
last weekArlington, TX+13 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for some camping gear. Anything will help. First time camper! I hate to waste money on things and end up not liking it very much so trying to save as much as possible! Most like need a tent and cooler and sleeping bag and maybe even hiking boots??? Any advice is welcomed as well! Thank you!
last weekDenton, TX+19 milesItems Wanted
Women's 10 1/2 or 11 Black tennis shoes or work shoes needed to start a job in the restaurant field